Shipping,- extra costs, min & max value of goods & quantity, methods of payment & supply restrictions

There are supply restrictions.We ship to the following countries.

1. Shipping Costs

1.2 Customers from Germany (Safe'n secure parcel)

4,95 EUR

1.2.1 Customers from Austria (Safe'n secure parcel)

9,95 EUR

1.3 Customers from Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Italy.  (Safe'n secure parcel)

14,95 EUR

1.3.1 Customers from Ireland, UK

19,95 EUR


2. Methods of Payment and Payment Fee

2.1 Customers from Germany

Bank transfer

SOFORT Payment

Credit Card
(Charge with placing an order)
Direct Debit
(Cor1: Charge with placing an order after one banking day)

On Account **

Cash on Delivery +4,90 EUR ***


2.2 Customers from Austria

SEPA with IBAN und BIC

(Charge with placing an order)


2.3 Customers from EU-Countries

SEPA Bank transfer

Credit Card
(Charge with placing an order)

SOFORT Payment


3. Limited order value & quantity

The minimum value of goods in the basket is 10 EUR. The maximum value of goods in the basket is limited to 100 EUR. The maximum quantity in the basket is 5 per product.


** COD shipper's fee The German postal service charges in addition a delivery fee of EUR 2.00 in advance. Since the submission fee is charged by the post office, it falls regardless of the order. The transfer fee is not included on our invoices and only the postman can you acknowledge receipt of the money.

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